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Smart UV Light GERM KILLING Toothbrush Sterilizer

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✅UV TOOTHBRUSH SANITIZER: UV Sterilizer kills 99.0% Bacteria & Germs, can kill 99.0% bacteria and germs on your toothbrush. It has been tested and certified on claims. You can use a fresh, clean toothbrush every time, instead of a wet.

✅MULTIFUNCTIONAL STERILIZATION SET: 3 in 1 Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder, Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser can space your 5 independent toothbrush slots Bathroom Set. The Toothbrush Sanitizer with Automatic timing function. The UV toothpaste holder can help you save space and time. 24 hours of cleanlily and health.

✅VACUUM PUMP: Automatic dispenser with vacuum pump squeeze out certain amount of toothpaste you need. Your toothpaste doesn’t get waste and it stays very neat, keep your bathroom clean.

✅ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY MATERIAL and EASY to INSTALL: Our toothbrush Sanitizer kit is made of ABS material, environment friendly, no smell. You can stick your toothbrush holder to bathroom clean glass/ceramic tile with 3M tape, or secure to wall by screws(not included). A very decent gift to your parents and friends, bring your healthy like to someone you love.

✅The Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer has a multifunction purpose for all your bathroom requirements.

Features automatic toothpaste dispenser applying the right amount of toothpaste.

Smart ultraviolet sterilization ray hits your toothbrush with many UV rays which is effective in killing bacteria, viruses, tiny molds and many other harmful microorganisms that grow and multiply in toothbrush bristles.

Solar / USB charging - The built-in 1500mAh battery is chargeable via light and/or USB cable with a high conversion rate of light energy. 6h of USB charging can last for 100 days with solar energy so there is no need to constantly connect to a power supply.