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Quick Q&A

Q:Is this thermometer FDA approved? 
A: SURE! FDA guaranteed!

Q:How accurate is it ?
A:The readings are accurate to within +/-0.2°C for temperatures from 36°C to 39°C and +/-0.3°C for temperatures from 34°C to 35.9°C, and 39.1°C to 42.5°C.
The Bath & Room thermometers are to the nearest +/- 1°C 

Q:Does this device measure in Fahrenheit? 
 A:It’s support both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Q:How quick can I receive my order?
A:Usually we can ship out in 24 hrs and ship by standard shipping methods which take about 7-10 working days for delivery depends on your location..

Any other questions? Just feel free to contact us!